Texas license plate lookup

tx-texas-license-plate-lookupWhat Wiki says about this topic: “Format options (in any colour): a, aa, aaa, aaaa, aaaaa, aaaaaa, a-n,a-nn, aa-n, aa-nn, aa-nnn, aa-nnnn, aaa-n, aaa-nn, aaaa-n, aaaa-nn, aaaaa-n, nnn-nnn, ccc–ccc, n-aaaaa, nn-aaaa, n-aaaa, nn-aaa, nnn-aaa, n-aaa, nnn-aa, nnnn-aa, nn-aa, n-aa, n-a, and the number series 300-000 to 999-999. The 100 to 285-000 range is reserved for the exclusive, handmade “Heritage” series plates. Three (100-999), four (1000-9999) and five-digit (10000-99999) combinations can only be purchased via public auction.
There are a number of custom plate options in Victoria, issued by V Plates on behalf of VicRoads. Custom or personalised plates come with the optional purchase of a contract. This contract allows the plate holder to retain the plates whether on a vehicle or not. Holding a contract on certain plates, means that when the plates are no longer registered they cannot be resold/issued to another person unless the contract holder sells the contract. VicRoads (who own V Plates) do not know the cumulative figure of the total number of custom registration plates sold since they were first launched in 1986. This is because many personalised plates are not on vehicles, or they are held on self-retention, or have been handed back to VicRoads. However, VicRoads do know that around 30,000 sets of custom registration plates are made every year, and they estimate 10 percent of registered vehicles have custom registration plates.
Sometimes car importers or dealerships reserve a range of plates to put on their cars, the contracts for which are often sold on to customers with the purchase of a car. For example, Subaru bought STI-000 to STI-999 and WRX-000 to WRX-999 for their Subaru Impreza WRX and STI models.
There are two types of plates (standard and mini) designed specifically to look like European registration plates, called Euro plates. The standard Euro plates, introduced in 2005 are 520 millimetres (20.5 in) wide and 112 millimetres (4.4 in) high and the mini ones are 372 millimetres (14.6 in) wide and 100 millimetres (3.9 in) high. Euro plates have a blue section to the left containing “Vic” vertically above a Victorian Southern Cross, and in the main section contain the letter “V”, a full-coloured Victorian coat of arms, and two letters, a space and three numbers (V aa-nnn). These plates use the FE-Schrift font and look like German plates. The general series range from VAA-000 to VZZ-999 are reserved for Euro plates”. In case if you need to get more information, then use this free Texas license plate lookup service.